When evaluating polished concrete,

with Runyon Data Services – you will know it’s been done right!

Runyon Data Services is the most effective tool on the market to take measurements, compare readings, and store accurate data on polished concrete floor work.


MarSurf PS10 Roughness meter

This is our roughness meter. In short, it is an instrument that precisely measures the texture of a surface. How does this relate to polished concrete? Based on the readings, you can determine the exact degree to which a concrete floor has been ground and polished. This is completely independent of appearance, which is critical because with various guards and sealers, initial appearances upon completion can be deceiving. With the MarSurf PS10, you get hard numbers and absolute certainty. The job was either completed to specs or it wasn’t. There is no way to outsmart this simple, yet fantastically accurate piece of equipment.

Rhopoint NOVO-GLOSS 60-degree Glossmeter

Our most economical option in the glossmeter catagory, this high specification glossmeter measures at a standard 60-degree angle appropriate to the majority of polished concrete floor environments. As it can handle a wide range, from matt to high gloss finishes (10-70 gloss units/GU), it is the ideal choice for general gloss measurements of a variety of substrates.

Rhopoint IQ 20/60/85-degree Gloss/Haze/DOI-RIQ meter

This is the Cadillac of our glossmeter options. Not only does it measure a standard 60-degree angle like the NOVO-GLOSS 60, but it also measures gloss at 20-degree and 85-degree angles, which are specific to very high gloss and very low gloss surfaces respectively. It also measures haze, DOI, RIQ and RSPEC Gloss. The Rhopoint IQ Gloss Haze & DOI Meter quantifies surface quality problems that are invisible to a standard glossmeter and profiles how light is reflected from a surface. 

  • Haze: Reflection haze is scattered light caused by micro texture and is measured adjacent to the main gloss component. Symptoms – A milky finish is seen on high gloss coatings, halos can be visible around reflections of bright light sources. Causes (coatings) – Dispersion problems, raw material incompatibilities, incorrect curing or stoving. Causes (other) – Cleanliness, ageing, oxidisation, scratching, polishing.
  • DOI: (Distinctness of Image) A measure of how clearly a reflected image will appear in a reflective surface.
  • RIQ: (Reflected Image Quality) is used to quantify effects such as orange peel and surface waviness. This new parameter gives higher resolution results compared to DOI measurement and better mimics human perception of surface texture, especially on high quality finishes. Symptoms of Poor RIQ: Orange peel, brush marks, waviness or other structures visible on the surface. Reflected images are distorted. Causes – Application problems, incorrect coating flow, coating viscosity too high/low, sag or flow of coating before curing, incorrect particle size/distribution, overspray, improper flash/recoat time, inter coat compatibility, incorrect cure times and cure temperature.
  • RSPEC Gloss: The peak gloss value over a very narrow angle.

Runyon App:

Our integral application can be downloaded from the app store to function on any handheld device (Iphone, Android, tablet). This is the “brains” of the system, as it takes the combined meter data from the Runyon Data Services Cart and puts it to specific use by creating a “Field Report.” 

Field Report:

The field report is a compilation of all measurements and data collected by both meters in one, easy-to-read package. Not only does it display samples and averages, but it contains additional information to include: photos, signatures, date/time, location, contractor information and a QA checklist. The document is both immediately accessible and available for long term use and storage. It can also be messaged, emailed and/or printed at a simple press of a button in the app.

Runyon Data Services cart:

Our integrated cart contains a self-powered processor that functions as the “nervous system” of the operation, connecting the meters wirelessly to the Runyon app. The cart also allows you to roll the system between sample areas without bending or lifting.

Runyon Data Services case:

The entire Runyon Data Services System fits into our durable, rolling case for easy transportation. In addition, it’s the perfect size for an airline carry on.

And all together now…

(with the Rhopoint IQ option)

+ the included custom case!

With such functional data at your fingertips, verifying the quality of a polished concrete floor job is now a breeze!

No matter how many samples are required, remember, this is all being done with a simple push of a button on the app. The days of crouching down, bending, and kneeling for each sample are over. When you are ready to take another reading, just roll the integrated cart to your next sample location and press that button again. Not only is Runyon Data Services incredibly convenient, but with the instant ability to confirm contractor adherence to specs, you can easily standardize both polishing and appearance throughout multiple facilities.

The comfort and ease of Runyon Data Services will amaze you.