When evaluating polished concrete,

with Runyon Data Services – you will know it’s been done right!

Runyon Data Services is the most effective tool on the market to take measurements, compare readings, and store accurate data on polished concrete floor work.

Our unique proprietary system consists of three components: the meters, the cart’s internal processor, and the app. This is how it works. First, the tandem meters take a full array of precise measurements on the polished concrete floor. Then, using our patent-pending technology, the “brains” of the cart processes those measurements, converting readings into functional data to send wirelessly to the app. Finally, the Runyon app displays the information for immediate review and use, effortless dissemination, and long-term storage.

With such functional data at your fingertips, verifying the quality of a polished concrete floor job is now a breeze!

No matter how many samples are required, this is all done with a simple push of a button on the app. The days of crouching down, bending, and kneeling for each sample are over. When you are ready to take another reading, just roll the integrated cart to your next sample location and press that button again. Not only is Runyon Data Services incredibly convenient, but with the instant ability to confirm contractor adherence to specs, you can easily standardize both polishing and appearance throughout multiple facilities.

Show your customer that you take the job seriously.